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a software engineer by training, a literature lover by nature, a Southerner by birth

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As a web designer / software developer, I use software engineering best practices to craft exemplary code.

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As a digital director, I created simple but visually interesting designs to attract readers' attention.

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As a production editor, I helped writers choose the best possible words for expressing their ideas.

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Featured Project

Website Design / Development

Virtual Realty LLC corporate website, www.virtual-realty-llc.com

  • Responsive design accomodates tablets and mobile devices.
  • Built using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap/JavaScript.
  • Imagery consists of proprietary videos, stock photographs, stock vector graphics, and a custom logo sourced from a freelance graphic designer.

Skills and Tools

  • Java IconJava
  • Flex IconFlex
  • Git IconGit
  • IntelliJ IDEA IconIntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse IDE IconEclipse IDE
  • Photoshop IconPhotoshop
  • Illustrator IconIllustrator
  • InDesign IconInDesign
  • Dreamweaver IconDreamweaver
  • QuarkXpress IconQuarkXpress
  • MS Office IconMicrosoft Office

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Review: The Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson

Stephenson explores a future where basic needs are met for everyone and ideologies create enclaves and nations of like-minded individuals for their own protection and betterment. This world is populated with a variety of characters, but the story focuses mostly on those who are affected by the creation of a special book, developed for a wealthy man’s granddaughter, to be used to foster subversion and independent thought. While the book has several interesting ideas, the writing felt flat, along with most of the characters. Also, it has a distinctly (and not entirely pleasant) Western tone in its portrayal of the new Victorians and the second Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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As he caught his footing, his head fell back, and the Milky Way flowed down inside him with a roar.

~ Yasunari Kawabata


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